England v New Zealand: second Test, day three – live!

Swann says he thinks Leach is a potentially world-class spinner, but he doesn’t think he is, landing the ball but not working out batsmen in the way he can in the county game. I’d love this to be the case; it’ll beed to happen soon, because Matt Parkinson can’t be far away.

“Swann averaged a tad under 30, although he took a great many wickets,” says James Debens, “but I’d always pick Root. To be averaging about 15 runs more than the players he’s been with for the past few years is astonishing. It’s such a gulf in class. The 2021 Root batting in the 2010-11 would probably have averaged 70. He’s easily the best batter that England have had in the past 50 years. The stats don’t lie. I think Mo, Monty and others get an unfair shout.”

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