England v New Zealand: second Test, day four – live!

“On the (unrelated) subject of cricket dreams,” emails John Swan, “I have two recurring ones. In the first, I have been recalled to the Test side as a useful bits and pieces player (off spin, doughty defensive batting, since you ask) and I am talking about it after the match to my work colleagues [the dream doesn’t relate, but I assume this means I am an amateur and had to take time off work at short notice to play, which was therefore at once thrilling and exasperating for my colleagues]. In the second, I am playing for my club [again, to anticipate your question, Bushley in Worcestershire, home of the famous Sir Ben Stokes Lane from 2019]. In this one, I am batting, but the pitch is strewn with random bric-a-brac (dining chairs, an old pram) which is making it next to impossible for the bowlers to land anything on the cut strip, but we all just carry on as if this is perfectly normal.

What does any of this mean? Surely the OBO crew will know…”

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