Manchester United v Manchester City: Premier League – live

The City players complete their warm-up and traipse back to the changing rooms. There’s a lovely moment as the United fans near the tunnel start to chant for Roy Keane as Erling Haaland saunters past. No need to explain why. The sweet sound of pantomime abuse. A cheeky smile briefly plays across Haaland’s face. File that one under ‘Highly Amused’. That’s stored away, then. But at what cost to United? An assist? A goal? Three goals? Anyway, the bear’s been poked, so let’s see how it pans out.

Pre-match postbag. “ETH obviously really fancies Shaw as a centre back and, to be fair, he’s done pretty well there so far. But City’s attack is a far different proposition than any he has faced so far” – Dean Kinsella

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