Yorkshire cricket racism hearing: Michael Vaughan gives evidence – as it happened

Day three of Cricket Discipline Commission featured former England captain giving evidence

After the break, Stoner continues his cross-examination of Botros and the ECB’s investigation of Vaughan’s comments.

Mr Shahzad makes a serious allegation that he believes a witness is being pressured. Surely you go away and ask further questions? “We did and Adil Rashid answered that yesterday,” replies Botros. Did you ask Mr Rashid for any documents? “I don’t recall what specifically we asked in terms of messages.” You spoke to Mr Rafiq and you spoke to Mr Shahzad but you didn’t speak to any of the players? “I think that is correct.” You didn’t speak to any of the umpires, “No?” The cameraman? “No” Or ask to interview Mr Vaughan? “We wrote to him.” You weren’t really interested in looking into the matter, apart from finding corroborating evidence, were you Mr Botos? “That’s not correct.”

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