English rugby needs saving from its bloated self after France horror show | Robert Kitson

Bucketloads of humility are now required with drastic reform of RFU needed to prevent another decade in wilderness

It is 20 years since England became the first – and still only – northern hemisphere side to win a World Cup and some blunt home truths can no longer be avoided. If their record defeat in 113 years of hosting Tests at Twickenham symbolised anything, it was exactly how far English rugby has now fallen and how much it is going to take to restore the national team to former glories.

Maybe Saturday evening is the rude awakening required to alert the Rugby Football Union to the full extent of the rot that has set in, on and off the field. Because, increasingly, it does not seem to matter who is coaching England, which players they select, how they try to play or even the volume of noise made by their supporters. A bigger picture is now evident: English rugby needs saving from its bloated, short-sighted and under-performing self.

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